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Modernization of Public Transportation

This morning I took the Red Stinger to get to my CS 1331 class, which I am still waiting outside of on Tech’s glorious WiFi internet. Though the discussion of Tech’s glorious internet is a topic for another blog post. What I wanted to discuss right now is how much public transportation has been changed to implement technology.

I have been to Washington, DC where I have rode their metro system, rode on Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport interairport train, and obviously have rode on the Tech Trolley and Stinger. In each system there is a way for users of the transportation system to get more information about the next arriving train than was previously available ten years ago. Now I can get information about when the next bus is arriving down to the minute available at the next stop and even on my iPhone. I can even get the real-time position of the busses.

Is there a reason to this? Is it just all for connivence? My parents did not need any tracking system or a system to tell them when the next bus or train arrived. All they needed to know was that it would arrive, which most of the time it did. Now in my generation, we have seen very few buses, trains, or any other modes of public transportation that do not indicate when they will be arriving and such.

So I guess the question is now - what will the future bring? Will we all be dependent on systems arriving at the perfect time and pitching a fit if they are not?