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Addiction to Technology

For the homework over the weekend, the class was required to read a few chapters in our various books and read some related news articles. One article, “Breakfast Can Wait. The Day’s First Stop Is Online”, discussed what was similar to what I did in high school and am doing more so in college - putting technology first.

In high school, every morning I woke up I immediately took a shower no matter how tired I was, got dressed, made my bed, and went downstairs to the kitchen for my typical breakfast of cereal or oatmeal (it changed every month or so). Sounds like the everyday life of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo or Samantha Stephens. It was not quite that way. After making breakfast I would move to the living room where I would sit on my couch and catch up on the latest news on the internet while eating my breakfast. Mom would be left in the kitchen eating her Special K while watching the local news.

Here now at college, I do something of the same. I wake up, stand for a few minutes (only way I can wake up without falling asleep), and then jump onto my MacBook. Sure, one could say that there is not much else to do, but what about the frequency of how often I am on my laptop? I’m on it quite a bit. Now there is the problem. I could be doing other things. I could be hanging with friends, getting lost around Georgia Tech, or finding some student organizations to hang with.

Even then, when I’m not with my computer for instance when I’m hanging out with my friends, I’ll check my phone every few minutes. Why? Because I have an iPhone and it practically could replace my computer. The questions we think of every day must be fed cause my mind at least is thriving for answers on what is going on. Do I have an email? Who is texting me? When is my homework due? What is the newest fad on Facebook?

In other words, “Hi. My name is Tanner and I’m addicted to technology.” Please don’t say “Hello Tanner” back because then I know there is more than one person in my support group. Is it true though? How many people are addicted to technology? I could imagine most, if not all of the students at Georgia Tech are in some way or form “addicted” to technology.

Are you addicted to technology? Leave a note in the comments explaining how.