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ENGL 1101 + RSS = Sweetness

When Dr. Crowther introduced the blog assignment and how we, the students, had to read up on what others were blogging and submit comments, I had the idea of using RSS to keep track of what was going on with very minimal effort.

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is really just a format for any matter of updates for a website which contains the content of the “post” along with metadata such as the date, time, and user who posted it. It does require a news reader, a piece of software that reads a conglomeration of RSS feeds. There are many software readers, but there are also some that exist online (e.g. Google Reader). Below you can see my favored news reader with all my news feeds with the ENGL 1101-K category circled in red.

If I grab all the RSS feed URLs from all the blogs for my ENGL 1101 section, I get an easy and quick list of which posts are new and who posted them without running to each blog and ending up with a tired clicker finger.

If you are interested in being geeky and efficient, here is my list of compiled feeds for ENGL 1101-K that I did last night. Most news readers should be able to read from that format.

If I’m missing yours, leave a comment so I know and can upload a correct file.

Edit: I updated the file with the latest list of blog links on the T-Square wiki as of September 1st at 10:40 AM.