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With the invent of the television and the computer, the ability to concentrate to study or to do serious work has become much harder to do. Why? These devices impede our ability to concentrate on what is important - work. Televisions and computers become distractions, because they are so easy to use and are everywhere. It is no longer the day where you could not find a WiFi hotspot or a restaurant without a television with the sports broadcast on.

I talked to one of my friends this morning briefly on the topic matter and he said, “Computers are so counter-productive. Oh, look! Facebook!”Is this not true?

This morning I woke up at 7:30 AM which was my roommate’s need, not mine as my first class was at 11:05 AM. I had planned to finish up and check some CS 1050 homework after I had gotten breakfast and before I had to go to class. What did I end up doing? I ended up surfing the internet with my latest news feeds on what would happen at the Apple Special Event today. In other words, I got distracted.

Are there ways to prevent this? Yes. Is it hard? For some people it is. Are there people who can work better being distracted? Quite so.

For those of us who cannot study, learn or take in something without being focused, what are some ways to remedy this problem? I know on the Mac there are programs that will disable your entire internet connection before a timer has finished. I know of extensions that will block sites in a blacklist after you’ve gone through your daily limit of time spent on the site.

What do you do to stay focused?