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Yesterday I bought a Dragon*Con badge/pass/ticket thing. Not exactly sure on the terminology. I’ve never been to a convention unless you can count Oshkosh AirVenture.

So, yep, there it is. I will be attending Dragon*Con this weekend. Not exactly sure what I’m going to do there as I have never been to one, but there seems to be quite a bit of Doctor Who, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Steampunk and a few other things to interest me. Oh! Adam Savage will be there so I’ll definitely have to check that out. He’s hilarious and a great guy.

As I got at one of the large hotels to get my badge/pass/ticket there were volunteers yelling out “Pre-Paid” and “On-Site” and motioning which way you had to go depending on whether you ordered your badge/pass/ticket online or was like me and had to get it on-site. The line for the pre-payers was quite long which is ironic as it was supposed to be short as only the die-hards would register online. Guess the organizers thought wrong. The line for the on-site registration was about five people long inside a giant open room where they had lines that mazed around like the lines at Six Flags. Seriously took about five minutes to get from the beginning of the line to the people waiting in line.

Anywho, I might drop by today just to check out what is going on and how to not get lost at the five or so hotels that “the con” is made up of. I’ve got the “pocket program” (which is as large as a paperback book) all highlighted with the stuff I wish to see. I’ll be posting a picture or two on here of interesting things I find.

Oh yes - one more thing. I am attending the Georgia Tech and South Carolina State game tomorrow, thus making it the first large football game and second football game ever that I’ve ever attended.