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Dragon*Con & Football

Yesterday I went to my first day at Dragon*Con.

In the morning I attended the parade down Peachtree Street which featured all the people who decided to dress like their characters of choice. Let me just say that it seemed like it just went on, and on, and on. You would see classic heros like Batman and Wonder Women at one point then these forest creatures the next. It was interesting to see the number of characters I had no clue about, which was not that all surprising as I was never really too big into the fantasy or scifi culture.

One thing you could always do if you were bored is just sit in other of the large hotel atriums and watch people walk by. For you to watch the people walk by dressed up as some character from some comic book, television show, or movie was fascinating. To think there was a story behind why they were dressing up like that. For most the reason probably was because they loved that character. You cannot dress up in spandex, wear it all day, and take photographs with people just because you like a character. Must love being a character to be the character for a weekend.

Throughout the day I roamed the various halls and expo’s that were set up in the various hotels the Con was held at. There were numerous items being sold either by mass production or small time prop makers. I saw about every science fiction t-shirt every made times two. I saw $1,500 swords that aren’t sharp. I saw exact replicas of the tenth and eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdrivers from Doctor Who along with a Farnsworth from Warehouse 13. There was everything.

I uploaded photos of my day at Dragon*Con to my Flickr account. You can see them here. Most are of the parade as that is one of the big things I saw yesterday.

Along with attending Dragon*Con yesterday, I also attended the Georgia Tech vs South Carolina State football game. This was practically my third football game that I’ve attended and only the first game of a large magnitude of importance and quantity of people. Sat with a friend I met only a few days ago at the RoboJacket’s meeting. Good, easy game where we ended up winning 41-10.

One thing I have to mention from yesterday is my loss at getting a fez. To explain shortly why I would want a fez, I am a die-hard Doctor Who fan and in the season finale of season five, the Doctor stumbles upon a fez and absolutely loves wearing it. There are a few videos on YouTube from the episode and from the behind the scenes, mainly this and that. In short, I HAD to have a fez. If I was going to get anything out of this (besides meeting a Doctor Who lookalike), it was to be a fez. Yesterday morning as I began my exploration through the Con, I happened upon a fez at one of the small booth shops. I looked at it, even put it on, but I didn’t buy it. Why? Because I wasn’t sure if it was the same as the Doctor’s and I would want it to be the same. I came back later and the fez was no more. I had been bought.

So today’s goal is to buy a fez. That is all. Plus maybe a few posters and shirts, but the fez is priority people. It is fez or bust!