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More Dragon*Con

Today I attended Dragon*Con for the second day. I really did not have much in mind to do other than peruse around and eventually find a fez (cause you know - fezes are cool). Though I did not find a fez, I did buy a few other Doctor Who related items such as the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, the Doctor Who magazine, and the Doctor Who season guide. Nifty.

Few more photos from today are here. Featured in them are the great 10th Doctor with his companion Rose Tyler and the 11th’s companion Amy Pond and a weeping angel. The lady who is the weeping angel (surprise - its not a statue!) really worked hard on her costume. I did not take a picture of the back of her costume, but near the bottom it said “Bad Wolf”. Very nice reference to the earlier days of Eccleston.

Oh yeah - today I also met Saul Rubinek a.k.a. Artie Nielsen from Warehouse 13 and got his signature. We even fist bumped. Nice guy. I’d have to say that was the highlight of the day.

In the end, no fez, but I shall have to keep searching for a fez related department store… Remember this is fez or bust!