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Digitally Insensitive

Has the idea of being able to communicate with anyone at anytime made society insensitive?

A few days ago I experienced a friend who was asking me a question on where an item was located. I promptly told him and gave him a few tips on where the next item might be. He promptly thought of the answer for his next question, but instead of saying “Thanks for the help” or something along those lines, he went off-line. Simple as that.

I guess what I am saying, does the convenience of being able to access help or services any time of the day make us respect them less? This is not exactly something directly related to technology, but more just a change in our culture due to technology.

Now a days we don’t have to travel to get support with a product, we can just call a 24/7 hotline. Now we don’t have to call a friend using a rotary dial, connect via a operator, or drive/walk over to the person’s house, we can just text or chat with them.

There is no longer any work involved in contacting another human being. With this, we become lazy. Our language becomes simpler, more abbreviated, and more compact. It as though, real words are not efficient enough for us. We must make everything faster, because waiting ~20 seconds to call someone is too long when I can just text them or chat with them online.

In short, is our generation impatient and insensitive (a word I now know how to spell correctly) because of technology either directly or indirectly? Respond in the comments for those of us who are talkative.