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Humans vs Zombies

The zombies are coming… to Georgia Tech.

A few days ago, I believe on Tuesday, I learned there was a giant game of humans versus zombies played at Tech. Is this overall significant or important? Is it fun? From what I hear, it is.

In a nutshell for those who’ve never played the game before like me, it is pretty much a giant version of tag although instead of those who are “it” there are zombies and everyone else is human. Now obviously, unlike the normal game of tag, there can be more than one person who is “it” (i.e. a zombie). This makes things a bit more interesting. Currently there are 358 people sign up to play. That is a lot of potential zombies. There are other rules that are different such as that zombies have to “eat” every 48 hours, buildings are safe, and other things like that.

Using skills I learned from Calculus I, there is a high probability that the human population (a.k.a the resistance) will not all die out. There is a limiting factor, the number of remaining humans. Now it is true that the human population can’t increase once the game has begun due to the nature of it just being a game, so if the game were to continue forever all zombies would die due to the lack of food. But this is not true in the game - there are no new humans and can never be more zombies than there are people in the game. Everything is limited. Now, if the zombies “eat” everyone within say they’re residence hall, well they have a higher percentage of dying now as they must work harder to find someone else to eat. Of course this is all prediction, but thus far it is making logical sense.

In the end, I’m going to play the game. Why? Because it looks like fun. Sure, I may not have to ride the bus for a while, but that won’t kill me. And I can’t argue that a zombie will kill me either cause it just makes me “undead”. Hm. Well, survival of the fittest is what it is.