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Inflammatory Posts

Today I posted on a tweet on Twitter.

I slightly cry every time I see an inflammatory post on a forum and it remains there not removed by administrators.

What I should have added as well is that the post remains there while users respond to it, explaining to the original poster what the flaw is in their logic, while not considering at all the provocative nature of the post.

Now I’m looking at this for two reasons.

Reason #1: I don’t like having forums of which I know that are awesome get pulled down by a bad administrators.

Reason #2: I did some moderation for Patrick O’Keefe years ago on his plethora of communities and have learned to love his way of administration.

I am in no way being paid or influenced by Patrick to write about him or his ways, I just think the way he does things is awesome. I’ve written about him once or twice before on an old blog (which sadly no longer exists - I should stop doing that).

Now, I could write a lot on how the forum does a lot of things wrong in my opinion, but doing that would get this post off topic.

I guess the main point of this post is that if you’re going to run a forum, at least do it well. Organize your administrators. Have a visible set of guidelines. Keep things simple.