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Using a Wiki to Document my Life

For the longest time, I’ve really wanted to like document my life. A journal is nice and all, but it is a bit limiting. For example, a journal only accepts text input along with the occasional picture.

I have always been the kind of person to want to document and keep everything. A good example of this was the RoboWiki project. The RoboWiki project was a product of my last year on the robotics team and I wanted to give something back that would be memorable and useful for oncoming generations. So I made a wiki, because it is easy to edit, anyone can change it, and it has a whole bunch of useful features that I couldn’t find anywhere else. So what I did with the wiki is that I shoved every little thing I knew about the team into it. The members in the club over the years is in the wiki. The robots the club built over the years is in the wiki. A summary of each year since the clubs creation is in the wiki. A detailed collection of information on each member is available, which is then graphically displayed on a Statistics page.

To summarize everything up, I love data. I also love being organized. Not only could I use a wiki to document my life, I could use it for academic use. I would have no reason to take notes on the wiki. I’d have no problem with generally sharing my notes. Sure, the professors might have a problem with that, but in that case I could just make sure that they are not visible to the general public. The nice thing about wikis is that overall they are very customizable.

It is interesting for me to consider the concept because in most of my classes, I don’t take notes on the computer. CS 1331 is the only class where I take notes on the computer only because it is programming. Is this just me moving away from “ancient” technology and practices? The seemingly “old fashioned” way of taking notes and organizing my life is still a valid way. Mind you, I have nothing against organizing files in a filing cabinet, but it is always nice to have the ability to search and create a script to organize the items in a cabinet.

I might set up a wiki for personal use. Just maybe.