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SpeedTest.Net iPhone App Easter Eggs

Updated to the newest SpeedTest.

Net iPhone app and I accidentally found some “easter eggs”.

To access the easter egg, drag down on the speed dial after you run a speed test. The message will change several times until it no longer exists.

The messages go in this order:

  • OOKLA The cat we named our company after (seriously)
  • He belongs to one of us. But really, he is his own master.
  • Attempts to groom him result in blood shed. (Your blood, not his)
  • Therefore, he is in a state of perpetual grooming… Roaming his domain with random chunks of fur shaved away.
  • Where did he go?
  • You will see him again soon…

Not sure what they’re planning to go with this…

Edit: Yes, the WiFi speed here at Tech is not that hot right now. That’s what I get for blogging next to the college of computing…