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Aggregated News on Facebook

Facebook is nice is some retrospects, but I find that it has one flaw - it aggregates all the news related to one item and shows it only as one.

For example, a few days ago, a few of my friends changed their profile pictures at different times of the day. However, when I click on “Recent News”, I see the news update as if everyone updated their picture just a few seconds ago. There is not a bunch of boxes saying “John changed his profile picture at 1:30 PM” and “Chris changed his profile picture at 4:45 PM”.

Now does this make sense to combine multiple similar updates into one large update? Yes, it does. Does it make sense to do this for the “Recent News” page? No, because I know for sure that in the picture above that all eight of my friends did not change their profile picture at the same time.

Could you include the aggregated updates in “Top News”? Yes, because there I should be able to get a quick run-down of what happened today. I shouldn’t be getting aggregated updates on the latest news page. That does not make sense.

So, Facebook, if you are out there listening - take this two cents on the format of the news pages.