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Break of Reality

Yesterday I went to a free concert featuring “Break of Reality” at the Ferst Center for the Arts.

I had only gotten an email by the Ferst Center for the Arts a day before I decided to go. It was first brought up by my neighbor on my hall who was hanging out in my room. I decided to go with him not only because I would have someone to go with, but because in college it seems as though when you have a plethora of opportunities prompted to you, you might as well take them rather than missing out and reminiscing on missing out later.

On the night before the concert, I had listened to some of the music available on their site and decided it was worth to buy their latest album - Spectrum of the Sky. After a few minutes of listening to it, I knew this was a group I would be interested in going to see. The album is a mix of cellos playing and soft drums along with the the inverse - hard drums with cellos playing the melody. Great mix of classical and “rock”.

When I arrived at the outside amphitheater for the concert, I didn’t really know what to expect other than the music. What I found was something I hadn’t felt in a long time - awesomeness. The only way I can describe this “awesomeness” is that it is a feeling from an experience that you just want to share with someone else so that they can feel the same way. The last time I felt this “awesomeness” was when I saw the milky way with my uncle in Deming, NM. The last time I saw a live concert was several years ago seeing the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for the 4th of July.

What I saw and heard at the concert was four young guys playing music they loved. Spite the high temperatures of a late Georgia day, you could see them look at each other smiling as they kept the beat. They were a vibrant group who are not afraid to try new things with their instruments. Their group travels around the country to show people that just because they play classical instruments, does not mean that they have to play classical music. In one of the songs, Patrick, one of the cello players, walked to the center of the stage while playing, knelt down and put the cello on the back of his neck looking like Atlas from Greek mythology. Another one of the cello players came over and bowed the cello on his neck while Patrick fingered the cello. I always love a group of people who do a skill well and can have a sense of humor about it.

After watching the concert, I ended up buying the rest of their albums in CD form. Surprisingly enough that is the first CD I have ever bought. I’ve only owned three other CD’s which were all given to me. The rest of their music is just as great as their latest album is.

In closing, if you have never heard of “Break of Reality”, I highly suggest checking out their website or their music on iTunes. Fantastic group with a twist on a classical set of instruments.