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I was reading my RSS feeds and came upon one which featured a nifty, simple site that surveyed people about what they could remember about your website from just a quick glance at it. The website’s name is Clue and requires no registration to use it.

To use it, simply type in the URL of the site you’d like test visitor’s memories on and send them to link Clue gives back. When a visitor takes the survey, they will view the website for five and a half seconds, and then will be asked to enter several terms or ideas that stood out to them (i.e. things that they would remember if they had to describe the site to someone else). It is very easy and is quite practical to the world of web design and development.

So, if you’re interested in taking a memory test on my site, you can click here to do that.

If you want to view the results, you can click here.