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iPhone App: Pro HDR

About a week or two ago, I broke down and bought the Pro HDR iPhone application.

Why did I buy it? I bought the application because the HDR functionality in iOS 4.1 is not able to be used on an iPhone 3GS which I happen to have and because in some situations, HDR can actually turn out a pretty good, looking image. Sometimes HDR images are just blown away, surrealistic images, but sometimes they can lead to good images.

The use of the application is quite easy. On start-up you are prompted with creating an “Auto HDR”, “Manual HDR”, or a “Library HDR”. Auto HDR is where the applications figures which exposures would be best to use to create a HDR of the scene before you. Manual HDR is where you the user selects the dark and light points in the image to create a HDR. Library HDR creates a HDR off of images you have already taken with your camera at a previous point.

Overall, the application works quite nicely. There are some instances where the image obviously looks modified by HDR, but some instances the image looks quite nice. The Auto HDR function does take a bit longer to run as the application iterates through all the exposure options for the device’s camera where as the Manual HDR just takes two taps and two button clicks to create the image. In reality it is like six to eight seconds for the Auto HDR to run and about four seconds for the Manual HDR to run.

Below is one of my favorite “HDR” images I have created thus far. You can view all my other HDR videos on my Flickr account here.