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Tilt-Shift in Art

Most of us have probably seen the pictures of real life images that have been modified to make it look like they are a tiny tabletop model. This is done using a combination of blurry areas above and below the point of interest. An example can be seen below (credit to kanegen):

Pretty neat, no? You’ve got little tiny works working on a little tiny plane whilst it is all a giant jetliner. Very cool effect.

Any who, I came across this site in my news feeds which basically applied the same effect to paintings. More specifically, the effect was applied to Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. In the end, the effect is really, really cool. The paintings don’t look so much like a flat painting that shows a viewpoint, the paintings end up looking like the subjects of the painting are pop-up paper cut-outs sticking out of the painting. Very cool.

While it may not be the best way to view art as an artist may want you to pay attention to a certain area of the painting that would be blurred out using the tilt-shift effect, it is still a neat trick to play on our brains.

Source: Makezine