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Xmarks is Dying!

Tomorrow there is sad news. The browser bookmarking syncing service known as Xmarks (formerly known as “Foxmarks”) is dying. Within the next few weeks the company will turn off the service to their two million users.

To read more on the reasons for their shutdown, click here.

I remember back in the day when I first used Xmarks when it was called Foxmarks. I didn’t really use it other than to have my bookmarks online for when I needed to get to them from a computer that was not mine (like at school or the library). Though ever since I have had my main desktop and my MacBook I have used the syncing abilities of the then Foxmarks to keep my bookmarks in sync between my computers. In fact, I used it just last week to sync my bookmarks between Firefox on my netbook and Chrome on my MacBook Pro.

In the end, Xmarks is a fantastic service that was simple to use. I’m sad to see it go. I’m not sure what I’ll use next to keep my bookmarks in sync across multiple browsers.

RIP Xmarks