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The Mini 500

Today was the 2010 Mini 500 competition at Georgia Tech.

What is the Mini 500? The Mini 500 is a Georgia Tech tradition in which student clubs and organizations race mini tricycles for Homecoming. Racers are not allowed to change the bike structure in any way, though they are allowed to add extra parts to the bike. Racers must start and finish with all the original parts of the bike, even if it means carrying a wheel or two. For more information on the Mini 500 inside Georgia Tech, click here.

I attended the Mini 500 competition today. I really did not know what to expect, but I did know that it would be funny. I mean, how could college kids racing tiny tricycles not be funny? When I got there, I found 50 teams competing in the Mini 500. Once the race started, tricycles were falling apart left and right, drivers were falling flat on their faces, and teams were slowly advancing forward to the finish line.

My residence hall group had a team which I cheered on. The group did pretty good, but in the end the bike did not stand up for the entire race. Compared to some of the other competitors I think we did pretty well.

To see more pictures from the competition this year, check out my Flickr set here.