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Satisfaction with The Social Network

Last week I wrote a blog post on the new movie The Social Network which was about the start-up of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, the creator, ups and downs with running the site.

In the post, I quoted a quote said from an article in the New York Times. The quote discussed how younger viewers seem to view Mark Zuckerberg as more of a rock star, while the older viewers saw Zuckerberg as a tragic figure.

There exists a problem with the quote - there is no data to back it up. The quote was simply an observation of one of the producers. Interestingly enough, an article from ReadWriteWeb was posted today that gives data to back up the observation that the two generations - old and young - saw the movie in different ways.

Looking at the graph from the article, one can see that the three generations represented in the graph had different “Impression Scores” of the movie. The lowest impression score goes to adults ages 50 and up and the high impression score goes to adults ages 18 to 34.

In the end, the observation made by one of the producers was valid and it is nice to have some data to back up his statement. Interesting, no?