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Simple Screen Sharing

When I want to share my screen with a friend I could use a few tools - VNC or Skype to name two. However though, using those tools requires that the end-user, my friend, to install some software or register an account. In other words, it is not easy for the end-user.

With join.me, everything is different. The host simply downloads (and installs?) a simple client that gives the host a simple URL to share with his visitors. What does the visitor have to do? Click on the link the host gives them. The link displays the host’s screen completely within the visitor’s browser. Completely simple. Join.me does screen sharing very easily and in a completely simple and uncomplicated way.

A few days ago I used join.me to help a fellow student at Georgia Tech understand how to validate her webpage via the W3C Validatation service. She said it was very helpful and very simple to use and that she would bookmark the service for future use.

Overall, join.me is a great service to use when you need to easily share your screen with a friend without jumping through hoops and leaping over fire.