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Whats on your Dock?

I have wanted to do this post after reading Ajai’s post about it, but have always been too busy to do it or have forgotten about it when doing other posts. So here I am typing up this post during CS 1331 lecture.

  • Finder
  • Mailplane - Trial version for a replacement GMail client. Not really sure if I’d spend money for it yet.
  • Google Chrome
  • NetNewsWire - The news feed reader that has all my organized feeds.
  • Things - My to-do manager of choice.
  • 1Password - The most awesome password manager in the world. Uber-pwnage.
  • iTunes
  • Transmit - Pretty awesome FTP client. I need to upgrade to the latest version.
  • Eclipse - My current Java IDE of choice.
  • VMWare Fusion - Virtualization software that runs Windows and Ubuntu great.
  • Skype - Instant messaging for Skype friends.
  • Adium - Instant messaging for every other protocol other than Skype.
  • Tweetie - Twitter client.
  • Google Quick Search Box - Google’s version of an application launcher like Quicksilver or LaunchBar. It’s ok.
  • Georgia Tech Year 1 Folder - All my Georgia Tech work for year number one.
  • Dropbox Folder
  • Robotics - All my old FIRST robotics stuff from high school. I could probably remove this since I’m in college now.
  • Extracted Files Folder - Where extracted folders from compressed files in my Downloads folder go.
  • Download Folder - Where downloads exist.
  • Trash - The doomsday of files.

So that is my dock.

Inspired by: Ajai Karthikeyan