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Inspiring Writing from UFO Crash

I was flipping through my RSS feeds this morning and stopped flipping through them to read Mental Floss’ “Wired Week in Review” as they always find interesting things that have gone on in the world and the internet. The first thing I noticed was this article.

The article was about schools in the United Kingdom periodically staging a faux UFO crash for elementary school age children. The children were not told about the crash before hand thus ensuring genuine reactions to the crash. The crash was even handled as if it was a real emergency with British police investigating the scene and interviewing witnesses. A teacher from a school which held the crash describes the reactions of the students:

“The children didn’t know what was going on,” Shepherd said. “As they approached the crash site, we could see how amazed and perplexed they were. It was a fantastic first reaction.”

Now you must be thinking - does this all have a purpose or have the Brits across the pond just really lost it? The crash had a purpose - “to spark children’s imaginations and help improve their reading and writing skills”.

Certainly is an interesting approach to helping improving their reading and writing skills. Although if it is effective, why stop it? I mean, if I were in elementary school and a UFO had “crashed”, it would definitely be very effective in helping me write because I would have a memory about it thus forcing me to recall from that memory while in the moment of adrenaline and constructing a statement or a story about it. In the end, you could say that it wraps around to show the children that if they can write something from their imaginations enough descriptions and imagery, as they would do from the UFO crash, anything can be real in writing.

To close, I’d chose to end with a statement from a police constable who took part in staging a UFO crash at a school:

“The older pupils were asking questions about the crash site, like whether it was safe, but the younger children were convinced they’d seen the crash happen. Their imaginations were brilliant.”

Humans are fantastic and create unimaginable things. Sometimes you just have to give them a little push in the right direction to get the ball rolling.

Source: Mental Floss