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Blog Self-Audit

The following post is for my English 1101 class at Georgia Tech.

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The following took place between August 26th at 2:09 PM and October 31th at 9:45 AM.

Looking back through my blog posts I find that I have not really changed too much. Well, maybe a bit more than I say. From the beginning I have always written about technological topics with the occasional aviation related topic or topic that just straight out interests me in some way or form. Since then I have stayed with that theme. In my mind, if it is interesting and I have some reason to share or comment about it, I will blog it.

Over the weeks that I have gotten back into blogging, I would have to say that my blogging style has changed a little bit. When I was out of it and just started blogging again, my posts were still kind of bland and written like an essay. In other words, they were not too personal and did not particularly sound like me. I’m not exactly sure what to account for the changes, but I guess one could say my writing changed just due to me getting back into blogging. I had done blogging before, but I could never sustain the blog for too long, so I suppose the more I blog now the more I shall get back into the idea of blogging and writing more often.

I am not particularly surprised as I go back and reread my work, though I can attribute that to blogging back in the day where I learned what is the best way to write and such. Now if we look at blog posts from my old, old blog many moons ago, I am surprised at how much I’ve changed since then. Well, not completely surprised, but it is interesting to see the changes I have made in writing style.

There exist a few ideas/topics/threads in my posts that I would like to revisit one day. One would have to be the topic of modernization of transportation as my Student Alumni Association mentor, Steve Dickerson, had something to do with the transportation tracking system here at Georgia Tech. I would really like to continue the idea of being a digital native (i.e. being born digital) even after my ENGL 1101 is over as my generation is starting to be completely different from my parents’ generation and helping document it and examine it is probably one of the most interesting things now in the world.

I value a lot out of blogging throughout the week. I like to get my thoughts out and have the possibility of people listen. If anything it is more of a way just to write about what I like. It matters not to me whether I have people reading, but whether I get something out of blogging that I enjoy. I believe that if I continue to write about technology, aviation, and other things I love then I shall be happy with blogging. I’m not sure how it shows up in my posts - perhaps the depth, length, and quantity of such posts? I do not know.

After writing this blog self-audit, I kind of like the idea that is promotes - reviewing my blog and looking at what was good and bad. Perhaps I shall do it bi-monthly in the future even after my ENGL 1101 class is over. It’s good to look back on what we have done and review what we could do better.