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The Beginning

Today was the last day of ENGL 1101 class. Yesterday was the last official day of learning new material in MATH 1502 (Calculus II and Linear Algebra). It is “dead week” here at Georgia Tech and finals are next week. My first semester here at Georgia Tech as a Freshman is almost over. Though I am no longer technically classified as a Freshman after this semester is over.

Now, I can think what you are thinking. Why is my post titled “The Beginning” if all I’m talking about the end being near. Now that does not make much sense does it?

In a way, saying it is the beginning does make sense. At the end of my ENGL 1101 class today, my professor made a little speech about how she would miss us, find it interesting to see how would progress in the future, and how her previous students contact her now and then about essay proofreading along with other questions from the class. I can’t quite quote what she said due to my memory, but I think her tweet from earlier today sums it up.

Last day of class is always bittersweet. Always wonder what amazing things these students will do in the future. Now to #grading…

Now I know that most if not all of my teachers from high school and the various others level of education I attended said something similar, but for some reason having my ENGL 1101 professor saying such a thing is different. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because there has been a serious difference in the amount of work required for this English class than the ones in high school. Perhaps because we spent 1.5 hours every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 AM for the past few months. Whatever the reason is, I think she is right. Students at Tech will do amazing things.

But how is this the beginning? Well, in order to do amazing things, one must subject themselves to training. The classes. The lectures. The “easy stuff”. Only when these various requirements are met can one take major steps to becoming amazing. Everyone is amazing. So, by the end of things coming, it really is the beginning. I kind of have to say that for myself it seems more the beginning now of a lot things than it seemed when I first arrived at college. Now things are just so much more… [insert word here]. I can’t think of what it is. Tech is amazing. I knew that before I came to college, but now I feel how it is amazing. That kind of is hard to explain. I have visited the Emory library for an exhibit on the world’s first great digital writer. I have met several amazing people. I have made 60 new friends according to my Facebook “College” list and many more who are not on Facebook. I have done a lot.

What does this bring me to? I am not sure. This is my last official required ENGL 1101 weekly post, though I never really had trouble with writing a post for the class. I will continue to blog here after next week, the official end of my first semester at Georgia Tech, is over.

I cannot think of any quotes that I know of off the top of my head to close this post. Well, that is not entirely true. I can think of one…

“Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.” - John Keating, Dead Poets Society