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Adventures in Film Camera Land

Some time ago one of my Dad’s friends brought his old camera from his time in the Marines to our house to take a look at it. I looked at it and didn’t know a thing about it, but knew I wanted to learn more about it. I like old things and this camera qualified as old.

Months pass and I come home during spring break. I “rediscover” the camera as I re-explorer my home again. I tell Dad I want to learn how to use it. Before you know it, we discover that it is a Pentax SP II and that it needed a new battery for the light sensor. However, that problem was solved with a modern battery from RadioShack works fine. Load up some old film found in the suitcase for the camera and I’m off to take pictures!Two old rolls of film later and I’ve taken my first pictures with a film camera! Ta’da! Exciting isn’t it?

Well, thats the “exciting” part. I said the film was old and by old we’re guessing its around 10-20 years old. Now unlike today’s modern digital cameras, the analog film degrades over time which leads to imperfect pictures. So, I held onto that excitement of seeing whether or not my pictures were in face usable or whether the film had degraded so much that the pictures were pitch black through finals week at Georgia Tech until today. Today I processed the two rolls of film.

You can see the results here on my Flickr page. I must remind you, those are the few good pictures. When I say few, I mean few. In the Flickr set are 18 pictures out of the two rolls - thats 36 pictures per roll for a total of 72 pictures taken. Yes, 75% of the pictures taken were worthless. Am I sorry? No. I had fun, learned something about how photography began, and learned that old film is old and that the camera I have is special. But more on how it is special later.

For now, enjoy the pictures. More to come. Hopefully the special part of the camera won’t influence the results too much.

And yes, I hope to get back into blogging more. Its so much fun.