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I'm going through my Reading List...

While I’m waiting for some salmon to defrost so I can cook it for dinner tonight, I decided to go through my Reading List in Safari1.

An example Reading List session as it were."

I use Reading List for a lot of things. The first obvious one is things I want to read later, because they’re interesting. I also semi-use it to “bookmark” interesting websites or designs that I liked.

However, it generally becomes an overwhelming stack of sites that at one point I thought were interesting and I have not gotten around to reading… Yeah…

I am proud to say I am pretty good at inbox zero though!

Sometimes I remember why I put a site in the list, sometimes I don’t. Some things I find are things I don’t really need to read again (another way to use ice and vinegar to clean your garbage disposal).

So here’s a list of things that I’ve currently opened in my tabs:

  1. The recipe is on page 232 of Cook This, Not That!: Kitchen Survival Guide