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I'm a software engineer at Apple. I write here occassionally.

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Sea Plane Adventure and Exposure

A few weeks ago, I went flying with a co-worker. I had a blast and put together an Exposure about it.

You can view it here.

I’m actually quite impressed with how good the Exposure turned out. Is that what a single Exposure is called? An Exposure?

It only took me about an hour or two on a Sunday afterwards. Their interface is pretty simple to use. At some moments it can be awkward and fight back, but it’s merely just a minor annoyance.

I think I’ll create more Exposures in the future as I think they’re a bit more fun than just uploading to Flickr. It’s also nice as you can make it as elaborate (such as mine) or minimalistic as you want.

So yeah, go check it out. I did a pretty good job.