Hi! I'm Tanner.

I'm a software engineer at Apple. I write here occassionally.

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Keep it Simple

Let’s keep this (this blog) simple.

Some time ago I read Gina Trapani’s blog post on short-form blogging.

Her post elaborates a bit more on the original by Andy (which is worth a read).

I took one piece of Gina’s advice on January 11th last year by removing tracking.12

I have no idea how many people are reading my blog now. I don’t know if I’ve lost traffic or gained it. I don’t think it’s too important right now. Maybe it’ll be someday, but I don’t think so.

I’d like to work more on other points Gina and Andy point out.

This isn’t serious. The posts won’t always be long.

It’ll be simple.

  1. Hurrah git for keeping track of dates and such. It’s commit 4ee191a for the record. 

  2. I learned you can generate a short commit hash via git describe --always. Weird argument name.