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Earlier this year Campo Santo and Panic made a game called Firewatch. I just finished playing it last week.

(Some things that are coming may be interpreted as spoilers.)

This isn’t a review of the game, but I wanted to touch on something that I thought was great.

The game is beautiful, but one of the things that you come across in the game is a disposable camera, like one you’d get at a CVS a few years ago for a vacation (cause who gets one now).

So what do you do with a camera? You take pictures. And oh my gosh is it thrilling to take pictures in Firewatch.

Everything looks beautiful. It’s easy to take great pictures in Firewatch.

It doesn’t stop there.

After you finish playing the game, you can order your pictures. Ok, I guess that makes sense (you “develop” your disposable camera). But oh no, Campo Santo/Panic go above and beyond if you order them.

The photos come an envelope that looks exactly like an envelope that you’d get back from Wolf Camera or where ever you decided to develop your film.

The form is filled out with an order for Henry and has all the details down. Even the film company that is referenced every where else1 has their logo on the envelope.

"The FOTODOME shipping envelope."

And you open it up and it keeps going! You the similar prints envelope you’d get from Wolf Camera. Within there are your prints.

To me, this is just above and beyond. I’ve never ordered anything from a game before, let alone something that could be hung up.

I’m really glad Campo Santo/Panic provided this service and it made the game that much better for me. A+.

You can see the photos that I took here.2


  2. There are one or two water shots there were purely taken to determine whether or not the photos were screenshots of my computer (which had a bit of trouble rendering the water) or if they’d be post-processing later. The “prints” look better than I remembered.