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My New Favorite Podcast - Tuner

I have a new favorite podcast.

It’s a show called Tuner. Their tagline is “There’s more to pop that meets the ear”.

That’s a somewhat confusing tagline, but you can basically think about it as 99% Invisible for music. It’s not, however, like Song Exploder where musicians take apart their songs.

The two hosts on Tuner look what makes a song likability or unique. They do this by look at all parts of the song: the vocals and all the instruments. What instruments are present? How are they played? They even go so far to play parts of songs on their own guitar and keyboard to show a point whether it’s the unique beat or atypical chord progression.

There’s also some talk about musical theory, but don’t worry they explain it very well.

Tuner doesn’t have too many shows yet, 11 at the time of this writing, but here’s a few of my favorites and the song(s) the episode is about:

Definitely give them a shot. The shows are short (a little less than 20 minutes) and an easy listen.

I wish I could donate some money to the hosts. They do a great job at producing the podcast. I can’t wait for more.