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After I posted my last post, I’m like “Yeah, I should blog more”. I remember thinking earlier this month that I was going to make an effort to blog that week. And then that slipped. And then the next week slipped.

And now we’re here. At the end of April and I haven’t blogged any more.

I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t blogged more. Maybe it’s cause I don’t think I have anything interesting to say?

I was listened to the latest Radio Diaries episode last week. They’ve been doing this series where they re-visit diaries of people who recorded their life when they were teenagers. I haven’t listened to most of them, but I listened to the latest one. It made my jealous of Melissa in the episode. She has this archive of sorts of herself when she was younger - what she said and how she spoke. I want something like that. I know blogging gets some of that, but there’s something neat about being able to hear how you spoke and hearing your mannerisms.

Anywho, April wasn’t entirely just about the lack of blogs. I turned 25 (yay). I’ve been extending my longest move streak (currently 55 days). I’ve also met my move goal for the entire month of April.1

Ryan and I also got a cat:

A photo posted by Clara (@catnamedclara) on

Yes, she has her own Instagram. You should definitely check it out, she’s a cutie.

She’s pretty much the perfect cat so far. She talks, plays, and also keeps to herself. Also no litter box issues so far!

So yeah, that’s my update for April. Sorry, I haven’t written more. Let’s look forward to May.

  1. Trust me, I’ll meet it today.