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Amateur Radio

Today I got my amateur radio Technician License.1 🎉

The technician license is the entry level license; there are two other license levels higher than it: general and amateur extra.2

Because my license is entry level license, I’ve only got a limited set of permitted frequencies I can use. I think I’ll start studying for the general to expand upon that.

I’ve started my search to look for my first radio. I didn’t do any research ahead of time, but luckily there’s articles and groups online that have thoughts (totally open to thoughts).

I won’t be able to transmit until the FCC officially recognizes my achievement and assigns me a callsign. That’s supposed to happen by Tuesday or Friday of next week. We’ll see how long that takes.3

So, yeah. This is fun. We’ll see where this takes me.

  1. Hey, I finally spelt “amateur” correctly. 

  2. No idea why the have “extra” in “amateur extra”. 

  3. It’s the FCC, so… Maybe they’ll be timely? 🤷🏼‍♂️