Hi! I'm Tanner.

I'm a software engineer at Apple. I write here occassionally.

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About Me

Hi there! My name is Tanner Smith.

I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, but I currently live in Redwood City, CA.12

I’m a software engineer at Apple in Cupertino, CA.

I’m never really sure what else to put on an about page. What do people want to know about me?

I could tell you about hobbies. I enjoy computers3, aviation, and cooking. Speaking of aviation, I got my pilot’s license just after I got my driver’s license. I was so close!

TV shows are good to talk about. I could tell you genres I think I like, but I’ll just list a few. My favorite TV shows include Doctor Who, Seinfeld, Firefly, House of Cards. I think my favorite movie might be Airplane!.

I went to school at the Georgia Institute of Technology (aka “Georgia Tech”4) and graduated in the Fall of 2013 with a BS in Computer Science. Buzz is awesome.

I think that’s everything I can think of for an about page for now.

If I missed something or you want to know something, feel free to tweet me!

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  1. It has a great climate, I hear

  2. I had to look up the syntax for footnotes again just for that joke. 

  3. That should be a given. 

  4. Not “Georgia Tech University”. 

  5. Yada-yada…