Yesterday, I announced the new photo section for my site:

We've started taking more photos with our Fuji X-T30, which has led to an overwhelming desire to share these photos with friends and family. But which platform should I use?

I've been frustrated for some time with various photo sharing sites and platforms that exist. Either there were too many features, too many social aspects, or the platform was limited to mobile.

So, I built my own.

It was designed from the start to be simple and minimalistic. It has no social features. There's not even a database – the grid of photos is generated from a hierarchy of photos on the file system.

The site was built using Next.js and deployed using Vercel. Ryan has used Next.js in the past and encouraged me to give it a try. Since Next.js is built upon React and has a built-in image component with image optimization, the development process was very smooth. Most of the time was spent not on the backend, but trying to make CSS grid have the desired behavior as the browser viewport changes size.

There's a few more features that I plan to add to the site, but as it stands right now it's a pretty good photo portfolio for sharing photos I've taken around town or from trips.

Let me know which photos you like most!