A latte featuring a very, very tiny heart made by myself.

Over the past weekend, Ryan and I attended an espresso class at a local coffee shop. I had purchased it for Ryan as a Christmas present as we've always been interested in coffee. We've spent a lot of time watching a lot of Morgan Drinks Coffee and Ryan has a soft-spot for cortados.

I was thinking it would be a fun experience as a class of people learn about coffee and make some attempts at latte art. It was a surprise to me when we arrived and the "class" was actually one-on-one with an instructor.

At the beginning the instructor asked us what we wanted to cover; the class did not have a set structure. We explained our skill levels and they suggested we go over the basics, pull some shots changing a few variables, and then at the end do some cupping. This worked out well; we were actually surprised at how much we were able to cover in the time allotted!

It's been a long time since either of us had learned something new and it was so exciting to be picking up new skills and stumbling through executing them. What's the next step? Oh, I did that wrong? Why is that happening? How do I improve that aspect? It's so exciting! You stumble through the process and when you finally get "it" and execute everything perfectly, it's a wonderful feeling. We had so much fun.

To no surprise to anyone, now that we've dipped our toes into pulling shots, we're now looking into purchasing a (starter) espresso machine for our home.